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Minutes went then hours...Felix was still keeping Marquise Sebastian as his hostage.

By now, the viewers were convinced that those two either had a fall off or Felix was too proud to accept partnering with a vampire.

The latter reason had Felix getting booed by most viewers besides his fans, thinking that Felix was being a d*ckhead for ruining his own team chances over nothing.

This situation was precisely what Marquise Sebastian feared would happen to him as his reputation and royal family were on the line.

Though, in the case of Felix

He could have cared less if even the humans booed him!

I don\'t understand what Landlord is thinking, but if he still wants to have a shot at winning this game, he better act up and soon. Ulfang commentated as he displayed the scores of the other four teams and their current fights.

The ranking appeared like this:

//1)Mipopo/Daydreamer\'s team: 900k points

2)Jaygat/Elder Forrester\'s team: 750k points

3)Fagur/Aquamia\'s team: 750k points

4)Knight guard N8/Garr\'s team: 600k points

5)Unpaid Landlord/Marquise Sebastian\'s team: 150k points.


It was only natural that those teams would put such a considerable lead between them and Felix while he was chilling with Marquise Sebastian.

Still, Felix didn\'t expect that it would be by this much.

\'Heh, regretting your decision yet\' Marquise Sebastian scoffed after seeing Felix frown...He could tell that he was looking at the ranking list.

Felix\'s ignored him.

\'There is still one hour left.\' Marquise Sebastian continued on his mockery, \'I bet that all of them would be hitting a million points soon...Unless you hunted them all and eliminated them, you won\'t catch up even if you gave it 120%.\'

Felix knew that Marquise Sebastian wasn\'t talking out of his ass.

\'Damn, no matter how much I overestimated them, I still didn\'t think they will be at this level.\' Felix thought to himself with a solemn expression, \'Will ten hours really be enough\'

Even Felix started to doubt if he could pull this off, which rarely happened.

Still, he kept his cool and continued waiting patiently for the contract\'s seals to cut off.

His team\'s tragic score naturally had made the other teams pay attention to them.

\'Looks like that brat is getting eliminated sooner than I anticipated.\' Elder Forrester spoke composedly as he slid on the moon\'s surface, following Jaygat.

\'That\'s a shame, I wanted to give a piece of my mind.\' Jaygat replied with a frigid tone.

It was a natural reaction as he was one of the green clan\'s officials!

He still couldn\'t forget everything that Felix had done to them when he visited their galaxy.

He stole the ceremony from them, he killed their favorite youngster, and even put most of the dragons in a debt that would last for many years to come.

If this wasn\'t a champion game and he had a teammate, he would have already traveled to him and showed him the difference between a royal official dragon and the rest!

\'Be faster, we need to catch up to that worm and the sissy.\'

Speaking about them, Mipopo and Daydreamer were currently the most dominating force in this game due to their perfect elemental synergy.

They dealt with all celestials in the same manner.

Mipopo open up a spatial rift near the celestials while Daydreamer cast an omnipotent gravity spell that end up dragging those celestials within the spatial rift against their will.

When they get inside, Mipopo could easily take care of them.

If it were any other team, this would have created a big problem since Mipopo was getting most of the points.

But, neither of them cared that much about being first to parodize their teamwork and their current dominance...That\'s because they were the only non-champion players in this game!

One was a winged elf and the other was a space worm...So, as long as they secure the team win in such a diffuclt game, both of them would be pleased.


After another long and arduous hour, Felix had finally heard Queen\'s sweet monotonous voice announce, \'Your contract with Marquise Sebastian is voided.\'

Marquise Sebastian heard it at the same time, making him face Felix with a solemn expression.

\'Make it quick for both of us and just surrender.\' Felix said coldly.


Before Marquise Sebastian could even finish his sentence, Felix started shrinking the crystal sphere on Marquise Sebastian!

What the hell! Has Landlord finally lost it or what! Ulfang shouted with a stunned look as he watched the crystal sphere getting smaller and smaller.

Although the experience was frightening, Marquise Sebastian didn\'t even bat an eye to the closing walls.

He knew that escaping was hopeless, so why show a humiliating reaction by banging on the walls and cursing Felix

As for dying Well, that wasn\'t happening anytime soon.

\'Boy, I really have to thank you.\' Marquise Sebastian smiled, \'I was between a rock and a hard place...You saved me from it without me putting any effort.\'

It was quite true...If Marquise Sebastian was given a choice, he would have never participated in this game.

He had everything to lose and nothing to gain.

Felix remained quiet and watched him disintegrated into light particles after finally using the surrender coupon to avoid getting turned into a mush.

Phew, it\'s like removing a giant mountain off my back. Felix couldn\'t help but let out a long sigh of relief after Marquise Sebastian was eliminated.

No one could understand how deadly to have a partner holding a knife near your back while you were focused completely on the game.

Any small mishap could be turned into a fatal scenario because of a single backstab...Now, that Felix was all alone, he could finally start playing the game in a comfortable manner.

I really don\'t understand what\'s going on between those two, but now that Marquise Sebastian is gone, Landlord\'s chances to catch up have become much slimmer. Ulfang shook his head, I didn\'t think I would say this, but I believe this will be Landlord\'s first defeat.


Felix\'s fans immediately rained on him with boos and curses for talking ** about their idol.

But deep down Most of them started getting antsy at Felix\'s chances to win this.

The only good news is that he will be getting the complete 150k points after his partner has been eliminated.

This was the reason Felix never was interested in last hitting the scorpion celestial...He already knew that the points would be returning to him when he gets rid of Marquise Sebastian.

\'Let\'s get this started.\' Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix immediately took off towards a random direction.

Eight hours left in the clock...The first team had six celestials slain compared to him.

Unfortunately, the celestials were being spawned in a random manner around the moon.

Plus, the numbers were abysmal.

In the case of the scorpion celestial, he merely got lucky and teleported near him.

In reality The other teams had struggled more to find the celestials in those four hours than in slaying them.

In other words, it all depended on luck if Felix could find one any time soon.

Fortunately, it looked like the goddess of luck had finally smiled at him after giving him the worst possible f*cking start in a game.

\'Is that a real celestial\' Felix frowned as he stared at humaniod infrared aura, that was hovering above the ground while sitting in a lotus position.

What weirded Felix the most was actually the size as it was smaller than him!

If he didn\'t know every player\'s height and shape in this game, he would have honestly thought that it was one of them.

When Felix got too close, he was able to drop his infrared vision and zoom in on the celestial.

\'The hell Is that a monkey monk\'

Felix\'s pupils were enlarged in disbelief at the sight of a brown furred monkey, wearing a monk outfit and having a long wooden stick placed on his lap.

He had his eyes closed shut as he mumured some sort of mantra while playing with beads in his fingers.

Like he had sensed someone spying on him, the monkey opened his eyes slowly and looked directly into Felix\'s eyes, making him flinch a bit.

\'This will be challenging alright.\' Felix knew instantly that the monkey wasn\'t going to be an easy target...Especially when he had no back up anymore!

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