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Xuanyuan Shen had colluded with the heavens for many years, but in the end, the heavens destroyed his beast heart and absorbed all his spiritual power.

Once this matter spread, the cultivation world was in an uproar.

Yu Huang slept for a few days and had just woken up.

Before she could come to her senses, she heard Yin Rong and Beatrice discussing Xuanyuan Shen—

“I heard that Xuanyuan Shens body will be burned to ashes on the torture platform of the Beast Tamer Prison tomorrow afternoon.” Yin Rong exited the Beast Tamer Alliances website and looked up at Beatrice.

“Its said that this execution will be broadcasted live on the Beast Tamer Alliances website.”

Beatrice was sizing up the frog paper in her hand.

When she heard this, she said, “The situation is unstable now.

The alliance made this decision because they want to use Xuanyuan Shen as a warning to those Beast Tamers who have ulterior motives not to follow in Xuanyuan Shens footsteps.”

“I think so too.” Yin Rong saw that Beatrice had been playing with the frog and asked in confusion, “You like frogs a lot”

“Feng Yuncheng gave it to me.” Beatrice sized up the frog, but really couldnt understand what was so special about it.

At this moment, Beatrice suddenly heard Yu Huang say, “Thats an illusion.

You only need to kiss the frogs head and it will transform into its true appearance.”

“Youre awake” Seeing that Yu Huang had finally woken up, Beatrice and Yin Rong hurriedly got up and walked to Yu Huangs bed to sit down.

Yin Rong told Yu Huang, “Youve been unconscious for a few days.

Did you really see the heavens Is he really very terrifying”

Yu Huang nodded.

“When he revealed the power of a Divine Master, I couldnt even breathe.” Yu Huang said with a serious expression, “He wasnt exaggerating when he said that he was the ruler of this world.”

Beatrice and Yin Rong also revealed worried expressions.

Yin Rong suddenly smiled and pointed at the frog on Beatrices bed.

She said, “Kiss it and let me see if Yu Huang is telling the truth.”

Beatrice said, “How boring.”

Although she said that it was boring, she still reached out and picked up the frog on the next bed.

The frog was a paper frog, so it was easy for Beatrice to kiss it.

When her red lips landed on the green paper frogs head, the paper frog in her hand suddenly turned into a red rose.

The rose was blooming beautifully.

The thorns on it were still there, and the two green leaves made the flower look even more beautiful.

Beatrice stared at the rose with a shy expression.

“What boring thing!” Beatrice pretended to be disdainful and threw the flower on her bed.

Seeing this, Yu Huang smiled and told Beatrice, “I forgot to tell you that this illusion rose was created by the owner of the illusion using spiritual power.

When you kiss the frog, its owner will also feel it.” Therefore, Feng Yuncheng also felt Beatrices kiss.

Beatrices expression stiffened.

“Why didnt you say so earlier”

Yu Huang shrugged and said, “Your Highness, Fourth Brother and I are buddies.

I have to look out for my buddy.”

As Beatrice scolded Yu Huang for being a jerk, she got up and found a mineral water bottle.

She filled the bottle with water and inserted the rose.

She even placed the rose on her bedside table.

Not a single blade of grass grew on the Black Dome, and Rakshasa City didnt produce roses.

This rose must have been flown over from another country.

This was the first time Beatrice had received such a thoughtful gift, so she was quite happy.

Yu Huang got off the bed and bent down to take out the combat boots under the bed.

As she put on her shoes, she asked, “Has the Black Spirit Stone Cultivation Room at the back of the mountain been built”

“It was just built this morning.” Yin Rong spread her hands and said with a bitter expression, “Look, my hands are full of calluses.”

Yu Huang asked Yin Rong, “Will there be a break today”

“Yes, we have free time this afternoon and tonight.” Yin Rong saw that Yu Huang had taken off her T-shirt and was only wearing her underwear.

She asked Yu Huang, “Are you going out” Yu Huang pulled the curtain closed and hid behind it to take off her underwear and change into clean clothes.

When the curtain was pulled open again, Yu Huang had already changed into light sportswear.

She said, “Im going down the mountain.”

Yin Rong asked, “Where are you going”

Beatrice also looked at her curiously.

Yu Huang smiled at the two of them mysteriously and said shamelessly, “To live the life of a married woman.”

Yin Rong instantly blushed while Beatrice frowned and said, “How boring.”

When Yu Huang went downstairs to look for Sheng Xiao, he was taking a shower.

When Sheng Zhou saw Yu Huang, he quickly shouted in the direction of the bathroom, “Sheng Xiao! Your wife is here!” The sound of water in the bathroom stopped abruptly.

Soon, Sheng Xiao walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him.

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