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The Sanyuan that Zhao Baoyun was talking about was the Sanyuan Medicinal Garden.

The Sanyuan Medicinal Garden was very close to Li Yuanqings Jiuyuan.

The two of them were only dozens of miles apart.

He could reach the periphery of Sanyuan in a while.

Li Yuanqing held a jade token in his hand.

This was the token that Zhao Baoyun had given him.

He stood alone outside the valley and waited.

All the structures of the medicinal garden in the Martial Yuan Sect were the same.

They were all in the middle of the three hills that surrounded the entire medicinal field.

Most of the medicinal gardens that looked very vast were actually built by humans.

Li Yuanqing had also seen places like the medicinal fields of other sects.

The structure was quite different from this place.

It could be said that every sect had their own unique structure.

Just as he was looking around, the bamboo forest in front of him suddenly opened up and a fair-skinned middle-aged man walked out.

The middle-aged man was originally expressionless, but when he saw that Li Yuanqing was alone, his expression became a little impatient.

He walked to Li Yuanqings side and looked around him.

Finally, his gaze stopped on Li Yuanqing and landed on the jade token.

The man took the jade token and closed his eyes to sense it for a while.

Then, he casually put it away and waved at Li Yuanqing.

“Follow me.

Dont just stand there.”

After saying that, he walked into the bamboo forest without caring about Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing looked at his footprints and passed through the winding path in the bamboo forest to the vast medicinal garden inside.

The structure here was too similar to his place.

After Li Yuanqing came here, he felt as if he had returned to his territory.

“Whats wrong Arent there manuals Why are there still things you dont understand”

The man sat under a wooden shed.

On the small wooden table in front of him was a pile of herbs.

Some were dried leaves, some were pulp that had been smashed into mud.

All kinds of materials were placed there.

Li Yuanqing coughed lightly and said, “Heres the situation.

I accidentally broke the vines of two Fire Spirit Fruits.

I wonder how I can make up for the missing production”

The man looked up and glanced at Li Yuanqing in confusion.

“Didnt you just come Why are you so careless These materials are extremely precious treasures.

Youll suffer if one of them is broken.

But you broke two vines That fruit should still be usable, right”

“I cant use the fruits either.

Thats why I came over to ask you.”

“Ask me” The man looked at Li Yuanqing unhappily.

He turned around and fiddled with the half-finished herbs in front of him.

“I have nothing to say.

What I know is written in detail in your jade pendant.

If you cant find anything inside, its useless to ask me.”

Li Yuanqing came to his side and sat down on the small stool.

He looked at him and asked, “Senior, is there any way for me to make up for the loss of the fire spirit fruit If such a thing happens again in the future, Im afraid the harvest will be low.

At that time, I wont be able to keep this job.”

The man still ignored Li Yuanqings question.

“Why dont you be careful Although these herbs are all precious, they wont be damaged just by touching them.

Who knows how you did it You destroyed the fruits of two vines Thats not a small number.”

The man originally wanted to reject Li Yuanqing, but he was very pleased with Li Yuanqing calling him senior.

He could not help but say a few more words.

“After you go back, read the rules recorded carefully.

Dont be so careless.

Nothing will happen.

Dont worry.”

The man looked at Li Yuanqing and persuaded him.

However, Li Yuanjings motive for coming here today was not only for this sentence.

He had other plans.

“Senior, do you really have no other way” Li Yuanqing suddenly took out a wooden box and placed it in front of the man.

“I still dont know your name”

The mans gaze landed on the wooden box.

He pretended to be indifferent and opened the wooden box a crack.

With just a glance, he immediately closed the wooden box again.

He placed a hand gently on it and his expression became much friendlier.

“My name is Wang Lin.

You can call me Big Brother Wang from now on.”

“Thank you, Big Brother Wang!” Li Yuanqing cupped his hands at Wang Lin.

“Im Li Yuanqing.

Im new here and dont know the rules.

Please forgive me.”

“Aye.” Wang Lin waved his hand and casually took out two teacups.

He filled them with spiritual tea.

“There are no rules here, so you dont have to care so much.

However, the monthly production of these herbs is fixed.

There are also some loose amounts.

Generally speaking, you wont encounter too many situations where youre tight on production.”

“Big Brother, you might not know this, but it wasnt easy for me to get such a job.

I dont want to lose it for no reason, so I wanted to be safer.

If you have any connections, please tell me the truth.”

Wang Lins hand gently rubbed the wooden box as he sized up Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing had originally planned to come over today to try his luck.

However, from the looks of it, this person called Wang Lin clearly had a way.

“Big Brother, do you still have any worries”

Wang Lin waved his hand and smiled.

“Im not worried.

There is such a place, but the sect explicitly prohibits the guards of the herb garden from doing business in the black market.”

“Black market”

Wang Lin pretended to be careless and said, “The sect is quite strict about the black market.

If were discovered, well be immediately expelled.”

“Is that so”

“Speaking of which, the sect doesnt have a strong surveillance on this matter.” Wang Lins eyes moved slightly as he looked into the distance.

“As long as youre careful, you wont be exposed.”

Li Yuanqing was delighted when he heard this and immediately took out a small jade bottle.

This time, Wang Lin put it away without even looking at it.

The smile on his face became even wider.

“Little brother, look at what youre doing.

Its just the first time weve met, yet youre taking so many things.

Im embarrassed.”

“Big Brother Wang, what are you saying Ill have to rely on you to take care of me in the future.”

After Wang Lin received two portions, he was in a good mood and couldnt stop laughing.

“Brother, just based on your words, feel free to look for me in the future.

As long as I, Wang Lin, can do it, I will definitely not refuse.”

“Thats great.”

“Speaking of which, three hundred miles to the southeast, theres a Golden Bamboo Mountain.

Theres a dense underground black market on the Golden Bamboo Mountain.

Its a secret place.”

Li Yuanqing immediately asked, “Can I buy the Fire Spirit Fruit there”

“Its not just the Fire Spirit Fruit.” Wang Lin smiled mysteriously and looked at Li Yuanqing.

“However, that place is dangerous.

Its not something a little child like you can handle.

If you want to go, go and come back quickly.

Dont waste time there, understand”

“Thank you for your guidance, Big Brother Wang!”

Li Yuanqing heaved a sigh of relief.

At least he knew a way now.

He had so many things in his hands.

If he could not find a market for the Fire Spirit Fruit, it would be useless for him to lose so much.

However, he did not know if he could sell this huge fire spirit fruit there.

Just as Li Yuanqing was thinking, Wang Lin suddenly leaned towards him mysteriously.

Wang Lin lowered his voice and said to Li Yuanqing in a low voice, “Dont say that I dont take care of you.

Youve just arrived.

There are many things you dont know, but I have to tell you.

The maintenance materials distributed by the sect every month usually have two or three portions of surplus.

If you use them properly, Im afraid you can get seven or eight more.”

“Big Brother Wang, what do you mean”

Li Yuanqing pretended not to understand.

However, Li Yuanqing had a rough guess.

Each of these medicinal fields was condensed from a complicated array.

Those herbs grew very safely under the protection of the array formation.

Moreover, there was a powerful spirit gathering array that allowed them to obtain more spiritual energy to replenish themselves.

Their spiritual energy came from the huge spirit vein under the medicinal garden.

However, those array formations were severely damaged because they were too efficient.

This was also one of the prices of their medicinal herbs growing at an extremely fast speed.

It was precisely because of these losses that the sect would also distribute some materials every month during the harvest to replenish the losses of the array formation.

“The additional materials for repairing the array formation are all yours.

You dont have to report it to the sect.

Use these materials well.

After working in the sect for a few years, you will have your own medicinal field.”

Wang Lin smiled mysteriously and patted Li Yuanqings shoulder gently.

“Dont underestimate these materials.

Although these materials cant directly provide spiritual energy, theyre still valuable items.

These are all potential benefits.”

Li Yuanqing had never thought that there was such a thing.

Looking at Wang Lins stammering manner when he spoke just now, Li Yuanqing had a guess.

This fellow had most likely planted some medicinal herbs secretly.

Otherwise, he wouldnt know so much about the black market.

Li Yuanqing pretended to be enlightened and looked at Wang Lin.

“Thank you for your information, Big Brother Wang.

If not for your words, I wouldnt have known about this.”

“Therefore, when the array formation is maintained, be more careful.

Dont spend so many materials.

The excess will be yours.”

“Thank you for your advice, Big Brother.

I will definitely remember it.”

“Thats easy.

I think youre quite smart.

Come and find me if you need anything in the future.

These arent troublesome.”

Li Yuanqing was satisfied with what he wanted and was about to leave when Wang Lin indirectly gave him a way out.

Li Yuanqing stood up and cupped his hands at Wang Lin with a smile.

“Then I wont disturb you anymore.

Ill go back first.”

“Remember, this black market is not a kind place.

If you really want to go to those places, you have to be more careful.

Also, if youre found out in the future, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Big Brother Wang, dont worry.

This has nothing to do with you.”

Li Yuanqing hurriedly left Sanyuan.

After returning to Jiuyuan, he looked at the large tract of fertile land in front of him and secretly made a plan.

The most important thing now was to find out how many materials the black market of the Golden Bamboo Mountain could provide for him.

If the black market had a large number of fire spirit fruits or other medicinal herbs, Li Yuanqing could even turn all the medicinal fields into his experimental base and create a large pile of spirit fruits.

He tidied himself briefly and specifically picked two mature fire spirit fruits to bring with him before leaving Jiuyuan in a hurry.

After leaving the sect and flying southeast for three hundred miles, he could see a very unique mountain peak in front of him.

The mountain peak was golden from top to bottom.

If one looked carefully, they would see some golden bamboo growing all over the mountain.

From the looks of it, this mountain should be the Golden Bamboo Mountain that Wang Lin had mentioned.

Li Yuanqing saw the Golden Bamboo Mountain from afar, he landed in a small valley outside of the mountain peak.

He found a very remote abandoned cave abode and sat down cross-legged.

If he planned to act here in the long term in the future, it would be better to have a fake identity.

Li Yuanqing slowly closed his eyes.

Water vapor slowly rose from his body.

The water vapor wrapped around him and formed a ball of air like a flame.

Li Yuanqings body kept twisting and changing in the water vapor.

After a while, the water vapor dissipated and a graceful young master walked out.

This young master looked much more mature than Li Yuanqing.

His face was more square, his skin looked darker, and his body was wider and thinner.

Li Yuanqing looked at his appearance from head to toe and felt quite satisfied.

This thin appearance was much more convenient than his previous round and tender appearance.

After doing this, Li Yuanqing walked out of the abandoned cave abode.

He stayed in the canyon for a while and set up a small concealment array before leaving silently.

There were a few paths at the foot of the Golden Bamboo Mountain that extended out from this golden mountain peak.

They went far away from the many forests outside.

A tall and thin man was walking along one of the paths towards the Golden Bamboo Mountain when two men suddenly jumped down from a big tree beside him.

The two men were bare-chested.

One of them had a large ringed saber on his shoulder, and the other was hugging a black iron rod in his arms.

The two of them looked at the thin man in front of them with ill intentions.


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