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Chapter 954 New Era of Chaos

(You currently have a Creation Heavens Chosen attempt.

Do you want to activate it]

Innate Great Creation

Could it be an existence like Jiang Jueshi

Han Jues eyes lit up.

This was a good function, and it only appeared among his children and would not fall into the hands of outsiders.

However, it was not impossible for his children to betray him.

He had to be cautious.

It was best not to do it for the time being.

He had to accumulate it for now.

The Chaotic Will would target him at any time.

If he used it now, the Creation Heavens Chosen would definitely become his enemy.

“Ill keep it for now.

I dont have many children currently, anyway.”

Han Jue smiled and made a decision.

Speaking of which, he had few children.

Han Huang and Han Qinger had yet to marry.

Han Tuo focused on cultivating and had not found a new wife for more than nine million years.

His only hope was Han Yu.

This fellow was also alone, but he had a good relationship with the female disciple beside him.

However, his feelings for her were ambiguous.

“Could it be that the Han family has to rely on me to prosper”

Han Jue was speechless just thinking about it.

He decided to stop thinking and resume cultivating.

He had to survive the calamity of the Chaotic Will.

He closed his eyes and continued cultivating.

Jiang Jueshi and the other two left the third Dao Field less than a year after they were saved.

They returned to the Heavenly Court and began to cultivate in seclusion.

It was the same for Azure Heaven Mystic.

The other geniuses devoured by the Carefree Immortal returned home.

As a result, the Heavenly Dao captured many allies.

After the Sages asked about it, they guessed that the Divine Might Heavenly Sage had saved these geniuses.

Therefore, they were relieved and continued to keep themselves busy.

Time passed quickly.

A hundred thousand years passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes and smiled.

His cultivation level increased again.

This feeling was not bad.

He was just afraid that his cultivation level could not increase.

Han Jue still couldnt figure out the realm of the Dao Creator for the time being.

This meant that he was still far from it.

Now, he could only place his hopes on the Primordial World and the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial.

He first observed the Primordial World.

Currently, more than 200 Chaotic Fiendcelestials had been born in the Primordial World from the Fiendcelestial Qi.

Their cultivation levels were still shallow.

They each hid in a corner and cultivated.

Only two Chaotic Fiendcelestials had met and fought and became brothers.

Han Jue discovered that the Chaotic Fiendcelestials were combative, but it was not to the extent of fighting to the death.

This made him relieved.

As long as these Chaotic Fiendcelestials did not kill each other, they could control the Primordial World well.

The Primordial World was still expanding and contained more and more nebulous Primordial Qi.

It was strange.

Han Jue had already become the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial.

The Primordial World should have also become the Ultimate Origin World.

Why had the nebulous Primordial Qi not transformed yet

Could it be that it had yet to reach the level of transformation

But this made sense!

His bloodline could directly transform, but the world was different.

The rules were there and the evolution process was complicated.

It was understandable.

Han Jue checked the emails after observing the Primordial World.

(Your good friend Azure Heaven Mystic has received guidance from your good friend Chaotic Consciousness.

His cultivation has increased greatly.) (Your son Han Tuo has comprehended a Great Dao Mystical Power.

His cultivation has increased greatly.]

[Your disciple Zhou Fan was attacked by an Inauspicious Evil) x907922 (Your good friend Foolish Sword Sage established the Sword Dao River.

His providence has increased greatly.]

[Your good friend, the Ultimate God of Punishment, discussed the Dao with a mysterious mighty figure and comprehended the True Meaning of Chaos.]

(Your good friend Huang Zuntian used the Great Dao Providence Divine Authority to forge a Great Dao Supreme Treasure.

His providence has increased greatly.]

(Your good friend Li Daokong has entered the bottom of the Chaos.]

(Your son Han Huang has entered the Chaotic River of Destiny.)

The recent circle of friends was very lively.

There were attacks, opportunities, epiphany, new map unlocking, and so on.

The Chaos was vast and there were too many unknown places.

Han Jue watched with relish.

Life seemed to have returned to normal.

It was unknown when the Chaotic Will would appear.

In another 700,000 years, the Ultimate Supreme Treasure, the Mystical Destiny Book, would be usable again.

He hoped that the Chaotic Will would not make him wait too long, lest he wasted the Mystical Destiny Books time.

Han Jue entered cultivation again after reading the emails.

If he entered seclusion again, he could curse the Carefree Immortal.

It was no longer a secret that he would enter seclusion for a hundred thousand years every time.

Cursing now would easily expose his identity.

Although he could also associate it with him, he was not that sure.

On the other side.

In a domain of the Chaos, in the Heavenly Court.

Numinous Palace.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor held a jade slip in his hand and used his divine sense to check the information inside.

He asked, “Is Divine General Han still in seclusion”

An old immortal in the hall nodded.

“He has been in seclusion ever since he returned hundreds of thousands of years ago.

He has clearly been agitated.

Your Majesty, should you visit him to prevent him from going berserk”

Han Huang had joined the Heavenly Court for hundreds of thousands of years and had long proved himself.

He was now the leader of the Heavenly Generals and his status was second only to the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled.

“Theres no need.

Hes born as Freedom.

Its impossible for him to suffer from Qi Deviation.

Just watch.

His path of invincibility will begin when he comes out of seclusion.

We will witness the rise of the second Divine Might Heavenly Sage.

No, hes even stronger than the Divine Might Heavenly Sage.”

The old immortal hurriedly congratulated him.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor laughed.

At this moment, the War Buddha suddenly flew in and stopped beside the old immortal.

He bowed and said, “Your Majesty, theres chaos in the Azure Heaven Great World.

The Realm Lord cant stop it.

He asked the Heavenly Court for a Great Dao Sages assistance.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor opened his eyes and said, “Someone in the Azure Heaven Great World has attained the Great Dao There doesnt seem to be a new Great Dao Sage recently, right”

The War Buddha replied, “Its not a Great Dao Sage, but that being is invincible among Freedom Sages.

It needs a Great Dao Sage to take action.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said in a low voice, “Pass down my orders.

Go invite Divine General Jueshi to quell the chaos.”


The War Buddha immediately left.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was deep in thought.

The old immortal asked, “What is Your Majesty worried about”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said, “More and more Great Dao Sages and invincible existences rose up among those in the Freedom Realm recently.

I keep feeling that something big is about to happen.”

The old immortal frowned and fell into deep thought.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor looked at the blue sky outside the Numinous Palace and muttered to himself, “What is happening If the Chaotic New Era you mentioned was not started by him, who was it…”

A hundred thousand years passed quickly.

Han Jue opened his eyes and took out the Book of Misfortune.

Black light burst out and shone on his face, making him look sinister.

The Dark Forbidden Lord appeared!

Han Jue touched the Book of Misfortune in fascination and muttered, “Its your turn again.

You must be anxious.”

The Book of Misfortune trembled slightly as if responding to him.

Han Jue directly started cursing the Carefree Immortal.

He found the target immediately without the Ultimate Dao Treasures cover.

“I feel it!”

Han Jues body trembled and he started cursing with all his might.

Five days passed quickly.

His lifespan was deducted!

Carefree Immortal was a Great Dao Supreme, after all.

He definitely could not be cursed to death.

Han Jue had to spend his origin lifespan.

Han Jue opened his attributes panel and stared at the constantly jumping lifespan numbers.

He was a little excited.

It had been a long time since he felt such excitement.


Han Jues eyes turned ruthless.

He was not greedy for such excitement.

Since he wanted to curse, he had to curse to death!

Once the Dark Forbidden Lord attacked, the target would either die or be cripled!


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