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Even the Darkin faction members were taken back, believing that Felix should take every single opportunity to eliminate Marquise Sebastian without breaking the contract terms.

\'I didn\'t need your help.\' Marquise Sebastian remarked with an irritated tone while sitting inside the white adamantine sphere.

\'I know.\' Felix smirked faintly while bringing the sphere towards him.

\'What do you mean by that\' Marquise Sebastian suddenly felt a jolt on his spine after seeing Felix\'s smirk.

\'You will find out soon.\'

Felix chuckled as he jumped on top of his sphere and controlled it to pull away from the scorpion celestial, who started thrashing around like he was having millions of rats eating him from within.

\'It can\'t be...You can\'t be serious...You are seeking death like this!\' With more time spent inside the crystal sphere, the more his assumption of his Felix\'s plan become clearer...

He finally realized that Felix had planned all long to trap him inside this crystallized sphere instead of rescuing him!

Even though he was the second-strongest vampire, he recognized that it wouldn\'t be possible to break through the thick hard shell of white adamantine!

If Marquise Sebastian knew from the very start that Felix had ill intentions with his protection attempt, he would have rather forced himself to switch directions and end up getting smashed by the scorpion celestial!

He would be heavily wounded alright, but at least, he wouldn\'t be trapped like this!

\'Maybe, but my mind will be at ease to play this game without needing to watch over my back.\' Felix replied calmly.

\'You crazy idiot...You have just done me a great favor.\' Marquise Sebastian cooled down in a second after recognizing that his situation wasn\'t so bad after all.

He might be trapped, but he knew that Felix would struggle immensely against other players and celestials on his own.

His mission was to make Felix lose.

So, if he was going to do it by himself without involving Marquise Sebastian and his reputation, he wouldn\'t mind chilling inside the crystal sphere!

\'Why did you make your move this early\' Marquise Sebastian couldn\'t help but ask.

\'Would you have lowered your guard against me if it was after an hour or two\' Felix replied.

\'...No.\' Marquise Sebastian realized that Felix was extremely intelligent to make his move in the first few minutes of the game.

He took advantage of Marquise Sebastian\'s belief that the most rational choice to make was take advantage of those hours to farm as many points as possible.

So, he saw the crystallized sphere as nothing but a way to save him and keep a helpful asset like him for the next couple of hours.

At least, that\'s what he would have done.

Unfortunately, Felix\'s thought process was always shrewd and rarely followed the rational sense!


While they were having a civilized discussion, the scorpion celestial was beginning to spew greenish blood through his seven orifices while letting out blood chilling squeaks!

Marquise Sebastian\'s millions of viruses were like guided missiles, hitting only the most important organs instead of spreading through the entire bloodstream and delaying the enviable!

Although the scorpion celestial posessed poison immunity, he\'s still going down from Marquise Sebastian\'s dreadful viruses. Ulfang snorted softly, not liking to glorify Marquise Sebastian too much.

But, this was his job as an MC, and he had to keep politics and their racial\'s war out of it.

How does that even work Moana wondered.

While most viruses produce microbial toxins to cause their harmful effects on their hosts, there are many others with different abilities of harming their hosts.

Marquise Sebastian is known to posessed almost every type of them. Aegnor enlightened, taking every advantage to get closer with his cousins.

He is really a dangerous individual.

Though, why isn\'t Felix letting him out Carwen titled her head in confusion.

It was only natural for the viewers to start figuring out that something abnormal was going on between those two.

It\'s been more than half a minute and Felix still sat on top of the crystallized sphere with a nonchalant expression like his partner wasn\'t still trapped inside.

The thing that weirded out everyone was Marquise Sebastian chilling inside the sphere as well!

Only the primogenitors managed to understand what was going on the moment Felix sat on the sphere.

Here I thought that your vampy boy will be the first to make a move. Erebus chuckled.

I can\'t believe he got himself caught in the first minutes of the game. Siren also rubbed it in Manananggal\'s face, Knowing how shifty you are, that human kid didn\'t want to take any chances.

Manananggal didn\'t like the jabs thrown at him, but he remained silent.

He knew that his credibility was already affected heavily in the primogenitors\' circle and there was no point in trying to save it with lies.

Though, he was indeed pissed off at his champion for falling into Felix\'s scheme for the sake of his useless reputation.

He knew that if he didn\'t sign the contract, he would have kept his guard up to the maximum against Felix from the very start.

Since Felix wasn\'t harming Marquise Sebastian either mentally or physically, the Queen couldn\'t punish him for trapping him inside the crystal sphere.

At least the contract terms didn\'t specify this much.

\'As long as that prick loses, nothing else matters.\' Manananggal narrowed his eyes at Felix.

The only reason he wasn\'t going batsh*t at his champion was his firm belief that Felix would find it diffuclt to stay competitive in this game while babysitting his champion.


With one last agonizing squeak, the scorpion celestial finally fell into the ground, closing its bloody eyes shut for good.

-Congratulation, you have successfully earned 50K points for assisting in slaying the Venomous Scorpion Celestial.-

Felix received this notification the moment the scorpion\'s death was confirmed...Meanwhile, Marquise Sebastian received 100k.

Yet, he didn\'t seem too interested in it.

\'Now, let\'s chill together for the next four hours.\' Felix smiled at Marquise Sebastian as he watched the scorpion celestial turn into light particles.

\'What do you mean\' Marquise Sebastian frowned, \'Aren\'t you going to hunt\'

\'Nope.\' Felix shook his head.

Marquise Sebastian\'s eyes widened suddenly after he was hit with the most horrific realization!

\'Don\'t tell me...Huh, you are really something else.\'

He always assumed that Felix would be taking him around while hunting down other players and celestials.

But, he overlooked one crucial truth.

The only reason Felix wasn\'t attempting to kill now was due to the contract\'s constraints! Those constrain would be broken off in four hours at best!

Then, Felix would be free to get rid of him completely and go on his hunting journey without having such a giant burden on his shoulders!

\'You would be losing four crucial hours like this.\' Marquise Sebastian smiled coldly, \'I know that you think yourself tough after getting promoted this quick, but boy, you have no idea how dangerous and strong real empyrean players are! If you think that you can give them four hours head start and still win this alone, then you must be truly delusional.\'

\'Well, I have got you trapped, didn\'t I\' Felix smiled kindly, letting him know that his effort to make him doubt his confidence wasn\'t going to work.

Sure, Felix knew that losing four hours was going to make this more challenging than it already was.

But he would rather seek victory in this manner than deal with a saboteur in his own team!

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