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Chapter 178: Kid, Pick the Expensive Ones!

Li Ran decisively agreed.

Opening this red line was equivalent to watching him.

Needless to say, he didn’t like that.

Moreover, the other party was able to help him find treasures, so why not

After receiving the answer, Yi Qinglan said, “First, go around the treasury a few times and let this poor Daoist experience the spirit power.

Only then can you make the best choice.”

“Alright.” Li Ran nodded and continued to wander around.

Behind the wall, Sheng Ye frowned.

“How much time does he have left”

Cao Wan replied, “There’s less than two incense sticks left.”

“What is he doing here More than half of the time has passed, yet he hasn’t taken anything” Sheng Ye was puzzled.

Cao Wan couldn’t understand either.

“Could it be that there are too many treasures”

At this moment, Li Ran, who had made two rounds, finally made his move.

He reached out and picked up a black soft armor.


“Green Profound Armor! This was the reward I had promised the Great Prince.

Why was it still here”

Cao Wan scratched his head.

“It’s been promised to the Great Prince This old minister didn’t know…”

“The Soul Descent Bell! This treasure shouldn’t be on the first floor!”

“Yin Yang Mirror It’s not like he’s a woman.

Why would he use a mirror”

“Water Moon Vermilion Ribbon Is he going to hang himself!”

Every time Li Ran took something, Sheng Ye’s eyes widened.

The spirit treasures that the other party had taken were all the most precious in this place.

All sorts of magic treasures were piled up like mountains.

There were many of them that were not useful and could not be sensed due to their chaotic spirit power.

Even with Cao Wan’s eyesight, he couldn’t pick it so accurately.

However, Li Ran didn’t hesitate at all.

He seemed to have made up his mind.

Although Sheng Ye didn’t need these things, it didn’ t mean that the rest of the imperial family didn’t need them.

Moreover, he had already promised some treasures to others.

This was embarrassing!

“Left shelf, fourth row, fifth.

The Profound Origin Blood Transforming Needle is invisible.

It’s extremely difficult to guard against at the same level.

“The longbow on the weapon rack in front has the intention to break through the devil.

It should also have its own abilities.

“That unremarkable black grass in front of you is a top-grade Immortal material, the Nine Netherworld Grass.

It can refine Nine Soul Recovery Pills.

“Behind you…”

Under Yi Qinglan’s guidance, Li Ran casually took a step forward and put away all sorts of spirit treasures.

Sheng Ye’s expression also became uglier and uglier.

He suddenly felt a bit regretful.

For the sake of observing this kid, he shouldn’t have opened the treasure vault for him to choose.

He should have chosen it and directly given it to him!

It wasn’t that he was stingy, but that these were all spirit treasures.

No one knew how many people in the clan were watching, but in the end, he had taken them away.

Unknowingly, Li Ran had already obtained nine spirit treasures and eight immortal materials, leaving him with his last pick.

At this moment, Yi Qinglan seemed to have noticed something.

“Move the weapon in front of you away.”

“Alright.” Li Ran did as he was told.

After moving away from the shelf, he saw a huge sword standing behind him.

It was completely black and dark, and there was a faint red light flowing around the blade.

It looked extremely sinister.

Yi Qinglan said, “This sword is called Gu Xie.

It can be considered a demon, and it has an intense bloodthirsty and berserk aura.

It is very difficult for ordinary people to suppress it.

However, with the Blood Demon Emperor’s bloodline, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to use it.”

Li Ran nodded.

“Then I’ll listen to you.”

He reached out to grab Gu Xie’s sword.

However, as soon as the sword touched his hand, it began to tremble violently.

A scarlet light circulated around the pitch-black sword as if it was trying to break free.


A trace of displeasure flashed through Li Ran’s eyes.

His eyes instantly turned red, and his right arm suddenly thickened as faint blood energy spread out.

Gu Xie immediately fell silent.

It was as if it had changed from a wolf to a sheep.

It was so docile that it was a little ridiculous.

Li Ran waved his hand a few times.

The sound of the wind whistled through the treasury as sinister killing intent spread out from the blade.

“It’s pretty easy,” he said.

Li Ran put away the huge sword with satisfaction.

Yi Qinglan said in a low voice, “I’ve chosen something for you.

Remember our agreement.”

“Got it,” Li Ran said.

Li Ran scratched the red line.

“Don’t worry.”

Yi Qinglan was ashamed and indignant.


Before she could finish, he cut off his senses.

“You want to scold me There are no doors.” Li Ran smiled wickedly.

He raised his head and asked, “I’ve chosen the items.

Can I leave now.”

In the end, the treasury was completely silent.

Behind the wall, Cao Wan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, his eyes somewhat flustered.

Sheng Ye was silent for a while before he said in a low voice, “I told you that I want to put this Gu Xie into the secret chamber, right”

Cao Wan gulped, “This old master deliberately put the sword on the shelf to put it away later…”

He never thought that Li Ran would push the shelf away!

Sheng Ye patted him on the shoulder and said, “I’ll give you three days.

You can give me as much as Li Ran has taken.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Cao Wan wanted to cry but had no tears.

A sin!

“Where is he” While Li Ran was still puzzled, his vision suddenly blurred.

He opened his eyes again and appeared outside the door.

Sheng Zhixia was waiting outside.

When she saw him come out, she hurried over to welcome him.

“How is it Did you pick anything good”

Li Ran smiled and said, “I’ve chosen good stuff.

I’m afraid your imperial father is going to bleed out this time.”

“It’s fine.”

Sheng Zhixia said indifferently, “It’s just a few spirit treasures.

Imperial Father isn’t that stingy.”

Li Ran nodded.

“Alright, I’ve finished choosing the items, so I’ll head back first.”

“Wait a moment…”

Sheng Zhixia pulled on her sleeve and said in a low voice, “You’re already here.

Do you want to go visit my place”

Li Ran frowned.

“To your palace It’s not appropriate.”

He didn’t really care, but the other party had a golden body.

Wasn’t she afraid of being talked about

Sheng Zhixia shook her head.

“I’m not that pretentious.

Besides, we’ll just be drinking tea and chatting.

What’s wrong with that”

Li Ran thought for a moment.


Lead the way.”

“Alright!” Sheng Zhixia’s expression was excited, as if she was very happy.

The two of them arrived at the Jade Flood Dragon Pavilion.

Sheng Zhixia told the maid outside the room to go to the palace and led Li Ran into the bedroom.

She smiled and said, “Take a seat first.

I’ll bring you some good tea.”

After saying that, she skipped out.

Li Ran looked around.

One could only see that the sleeping quarters were extremely large and decorated magnificently.

However, the decorations and furnishings in the room were filled with the aura of a young girl.

“I didn’t expect Princess Sheng to have such a young heart〜”

He turned around with his hands behind his back.

Outside the bedroom, Sheng Anyi was walking over.

“Strange, why is there no one at the door What is Zhixia up to”

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly as she tiptoed in.


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