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“Go to hell—”

The furious demon raised its hand, and the demon treasure saber in its hand turned into a spear.

Holding the spear, the great evil demon directed endless demonic Qi towards Han Muye.

The spatial passageway was about to be sealed.

If this evil demon did not rush out, it would be sealed again.

It had been 10,000 years.

It was indignant.


Han Muye raised his hand, and the shadow of a sword filled with sword intent rose.

His two swords guided the sword light, and with one move, Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords, he knocked the evil demon back.

This move could rival a Heaven Realm expert!

Before the evil demon could turn around, Han Muye raised his hand and executed Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords again.

The sword light was powerful and dazzling!


The demon retreated again.

The black-robed female cultivator muttered, “Is this the eighth sword intent or the ninth”


Another technique.



Li Three, Zhao Youzhi, and the others, who had rushed into the spatial passageway and were prepared to fight to the death, widened their eyes and watched as Han Muyes two swords slashed down.

What sword technique, what skill, what strategy, they thought.

None of them could withstand the infusion of sword intent that erupted from the Immortal Grade Pill and the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords.

Demonic experts already had the combat power of a half-step Heaven Realm expert.

With a demonic treasure in hand, they could kill three Golden Core cultivators with a single slash.

However, in this passageway, in the face of the spiritual energy that erupted from Han Muyes immortal-quality pill and the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords infused with sword intent, they could only retreat.

One step back, then another.

How could it not retreat before the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords


You condensed so much sword intent.

Do you think your lifespan is too long” The black-robed female cultivator clenched her sword and stared at Han Muye.

However, the light in her eyes became more obvious.

“I dont believe you still have sword intent!” the demon roared.


The sword light fell.

“You cant have any more sword intent!” The demons voice was hoarse.


Head-on, another slash.

“Absolutely not.

You must not—”




It was unknown if it was the 29th sword light or the 30th.

It shook and crashed into the golden curtain of light behind it, enveloped by the curtain of light.

The light curtain pulled the evil demons body back.

The demon roared and struggled, holding the demonic spear in its hand, wanting to rush out of the light screen.

Han Muye raised his hand, and a magnificent sword light slashed down.

The sword light cut off the evil demons arm, and it fell along with the demonic treasure.

The demon roared in pain.

It was filled with endless unwillingness, endless grievance, and endless hatred.

Its figure was pulled into the golden light curtain and disappeared into the passage.

Han Muye reached out and put the severed arm and the demonic treasure into his storage ring.

Around him, countless black-armored demons rushed over, wanting to snatch the demonic treasure.

Such a treasure was fatal to the fiend race.


With a soft sword hum, Zhao Youzhi gently slashed with the broken sword in his left hand, directly tearing apart the two black-armored demons.

On the other side, Li Threes sword flashed.

After the sword pierced through a black-armored demon, it stabbed another black-armored demon.

The two of them slashed out with their sword lights, clearing the space around Han Muye.

“What a beautiful sword technique…”

The black-robed female cultivator walked forward with her sword and looked at the sword light around Han Muye with surprise.

“Lets go.

This place is about to be sealed.

If we dont leave now, we wont be able to go back.”

The black-robed female cultivator looked at Han Muye and shouted.

Then, she raised her hand, and a sword light shone.


The sword light flashed and dissipated.


Hundreds of black-armored demons exploded.

She killed hundreds of black-armored demons with one sword thrust!

What a domineering sword technique!

Han Muye narrowed his eyes and looked at the sword in the female cultivators hand.

The Mystic Sun Sword.

The female cultivator turned around and left.

Han Muye took a deep breath and the remaining 19 sword intents in his sea of Qi slowly retracted.

The three sword pills in his dantian rotated, suppressed the surging spiritual energy, and quickly followed.

The others protected Han Muye and rushed out of the spatial passageway with thin spiritual light.

When Han Muye and the others stepped out of the spatial passageway, dozens of black-armored demons followed.

Then the spatial passageway completely dissipated, and the pillar of light disappeared.

The dozens of black-armored demons stood on the spot and looked around at the millions of Western Frontier cultivators with blank expressions.

Demons also knew fear.

Han Muye was not interested in turning around and killing those dozens of black-armored demons.

He followed the black-robed female cultivator to the cliff of Cloud Nest Ridge.

Standing on the cliff, Han Muye smiled as he watched countless cultivators drown the Black-armored Demon.

These ordinary cultivators did not know how many times they had been on the verge of death.

When five Heaven Realm demons besieged Tu Sunshi, it was not Han Muyes sword of the soul that helped Tu Sunshi kill the demons.

The Cloud Nest Ridge had already fallen.

If not for the fact that Huang Six had killed a third-level Nascent Soul great demon and the two great demons had defeated or killed Tu Sunshi, then the entire Western Frontiers cultivators in the Cloud Nest Ridge would probably have blood flowing like a river.

When the evil demon was born, its roar could suppress an area of a hundred miles.

The agitated cultivators below the cliff had no idea that there were countless black-armored demons in the spatial passageway.

If that powerful evil demon led these black-armored demons out of the spatial passageway, all the cultivators on the mountain would become food for the demons.

Sometimes, ignorance was a blessing.

“The duty of the Mystic Sun Guards is to protect Heaven Mystic so that Heaven Mystic cultivators and mortals can live freely,” the black-robed female cultivator said in a low voice.

The female cultivator turned around and looked at Han Muye.

“Han Muye The caretaker of the Nine Mystic Sword Schools Sword Pavilion”

Han Muye nodded.

“I have been to the Sword Pavilion on orders of the Minister.”

The female cultivators words stunned Han Muye.

He recalled the attention he had attracted when the sword Qi was poured into the Mystic Sun Sword.

He did not expect Wen Xiang to order people to come to the Sword Pavilion.

“After cultivating the Mystic Sun Technique, you have the qualifications to become a reserve commander of the Mystic Sun Guards.”

The female cultivators gaze landed on Han Muye, and she said indifferently, “I see that your cultivation and combat strength can rank about 250th among the 300 reserve commanders of the Mystic Sun Guards.”

Han Muye didnt know if the ranking the female cultivator was talking about included his Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords or not.

With the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords, his sword intent could fight against a half-step Heaven Realm expert.

He could suppress the evil demons in the spatial passageway and seal them.

With such combat power, I can only be counted as a halfwit Han Muye thought.

“Dont think that just because you have good combat strength and are considered top-notch among the younger generation of the Western Frontier, you can be proud.” As if seeing through Han Muyes thoughts, the female cultivator spoke indifferently.

“There are 300 reserve commanders in the Central Continent.

Every one of them can fight above their level.

Its not difficult for the top 100 to kill a half-step Heaven Realm expert alone.”

That strong

Is that it, or is she a reserve commander

In the Mystic Sun Sword that Xia Yi had given him, Han Muye had seen the power of the Central Continent.

However, he did not expect them to be so powerful.

“Then, what about the official commander” Han Muye asked curiously.

Hearing Han Muyes words, the female cultivator smiled.

“Do you know why the great demons of the Southern Wasteland are attacking the Western Frontier this time

“They had no choice but to break out of the encirclement and move west because they were suppressed by Commander Qian Yiming.

“How strong do you think an official commander of the Southern Garrison is”

At this point, pride flashed across the female cultivators face.

“However, hes not my second uncles match, so he wants to win with military merits.”

Second Uncle

Han Muye recalled the information he had obtained from Xia Yis Mystic Sun Sword and the information Hu Taisheng had told him back then.

“Lu Yang, Butcher Lu”

Han Muye spoke softly.

The female cultivator looked at Han Muye curiously.

“You know the name Butcher Lu

“My name is Lu Xiaoyun, 18th reserve commander.

“In thirty years, dont be absent from the competition for the position of new commander.”

The female cultivator looked down and suddenly smiled.

“You wont mind if I kidnap a few of your people, right”

With that, she flew down the cliff.

Han Muye stood on the cliff and didnt move.

“Thirty years later, there will be a fight for the new commander of the Mystic Sun Guards position.”

His current combat strength could only be ranked 250th.

Clenching his fist gently, Han Muyes blood began to boil again.

In his dantian, three sword pills vibrated.

In his divine treasure, the small green sword emitted sword lights.

It would be interesting to compete with the experts of the Central Continent!

In the battle on the Cloud Nest Ridge, he had seen Tu Sunshi kill four Heaven Realm experts with a single sword strike.

He had seen Huang Six kill a third-stage Nascent Soul realm demon with a single strike.

He had seen the world outside the Heavenly Mystic.

In the Western Frontier, Han Muye felt that he would eventually leave.


Seven days later, Spiritual Dao Sect sent a new half-step Heaven Realm expert to hold down the fort.

This Grand Elder named Wang He also brought news.

The commander of the Red Flame Armys rebel army, Gao He, who had been hiding in the Spiritual Dao Sect, made use of the time when the Spiritual Dao Sects First Elder, the Myriad Transformations Sage, was in seclusion to disturb him and severely injure him.

Gao He took the opportunity to break open the spatial passageway sealed by the Spiritual Dao Sect and leave the Western Frontier.

This was also the reason why the Myriad Transformations Sage did not come to Cloud Nest Mountain immediately after the collapse of Fengshou Mountain.

If the Myriad Transformations Sage came to the Cloud Nest Ridge personally and joined forces with Tu Sunshi, he would really not be afraid of the great demons of the Southern Wasteland.

That Red Flame Armys defector commander led his troops to attack the Sword Pavilion and sacrifice the Cloud Nest Ridge.

However, he did not expect that the real place of his plan was the spatial passageway guarded by the Spiritual Dao Sect.

After a thousand years, the 3,000 troops had been exhausted, and they had left the Heavenly Mystic for him.

Such a scheme was really terrifying.

Han Muye returned to the Nine Mystic Mountain with a group of disciples from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect after the arrival of the Wood Lineages Grand Elder, Wu Ziyuan.

In the battle in the Southern Wasteland, they had lost several Heaven Realm experts, including two third-level Nascent Soul demons.

One of them died, and the other left the Heavenly Mystic.

With such a loss in combat strength, they were temporarily unable to attack.

After Gao He and the others arrived, they organized an army and returned to Fengshou Mountain.

When a group of disciples of the Yuntai Dao Sect returned to Yuntai Mountain and saw the ground of Yuntai Mountain that had been scraped, countless disciples cried out loud, gritted their teeth, and cursed, “Youre not human.”

At this moment, Han Muye was already on the flying ship returning to the Nine Mystic Mountain.

Opposite him sat the white-robed elite disciple of the Tai Yi Sword Sect, Sun Jinshi.

“Senior Brother Han.”

Sun Jinshi looked at Han Muye, reached into his pocket, and unfolded a piece of paper.

“This is the bill the Patriarch gave me before he left.

“The Sect Master of the Tai Yi Sword Sect has already signed this bill.”

Han Muye looked down and saw the word “Bill” written on the paper.

There was also a long string of numbers at the back.

All kinds of resources were converted.

Anyway, there were a total of 85 million spiritual rocks.

“Senior Brother Han, our Tai Yi Sword Sect wont renege on the debt that Patriarch owes.”

Taking a deep breath, Sun Jinshi whispered, “However, we cant repay it all at once now.

“A hundred years.

The Sect Master said that our Tai Yi Sword Sect will pay you a million spiritual rocks to you every year for a hundred years.”

A million a year, a hundred million in a hundred years.

The interest was not small.

Han Muye smiled.

A nod.

He understood what the Tai Yi Sword Sect meant.


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