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Chapter 1786 A Mythical Natural Born Physique! IV

I\'ve prepared enough…


The moment Noah finished these words, the bursting essence being transferred over by Sanguine Adequation filled his soul entirely as it also could not go any further!

When this occurred….


His three Aspects of Existence trembled as the surging essence within them reached utter peak.

They were saturated.

They couldn\'t take anymore!

His Soul, Origin, and Body buzzed as they were ready to undergo resonance and utilize the method of the Infinite Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi.

But they could do nothing as the will of the existence they made had no intention of doing this- and the spark or epiphany that all beings required to become LEGENDS would not arise when the existence in question did not seek it!

So they resonated with utter brilliance as the progress of all the Physiques that were trying to achieve completion but couldn\'t...stopped.

Golden liquid began to build up between the gaps of Noah\'s Cosmos once more as they attained 1 Trillion glimmering Royal Cosmos.

Above him, 49 glorious and massive stellar Infinite Reality Passages glowed and gushed down essence as when he looked at them, Noah\'s eyes tightened as this number didn\'t sit too well with him!

He had multiple Physiques waiting to be refined as they had begun their process at the same time, each one adding the capability to withstand tens of normal Passages as even though they were completed in their refinements, the initial boosts to Noah\'s body were still there!

And with the vibrant strength of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique he now carried, Noah felt like he could do it.

Let\'s just push for one more...


His will domineeringly surged out as he burnt 2 million Units of the Essence of Reality, calling for yet another Reality Passage to form as before it could, his body had to be sure it could handle it!

A brilliant stellar luster covered him from head to toe as Noah floated with ease as a pressure of a Passage built up, his visage remaining undaunted and unphased by just one additional pressure as...


In the skies, the 50th Infinite Reality Passage came to be.


Noah breathed out with satisfaction as he felt the boundless essence constantly washing over his body.

The fact he could generate 1 million Units of the Essence of Reality per second!

And this was after subtracting the tens of thousands that were being used up by the few skills with the Infinite Reality Passages undergoing REIFICATION.

He felt accomplished.

He felt like he had truly achieved something somewhat significant as even with all this...there was still much more for him to accomplish.

Like you....


His mesmerizing voice echoed out as he moved his vibrant stellar arms and legs while looking at the details of one of the new capabilities of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique.

It allowed him to put under his reign a \'few\' unspecified number of existences from the Dream Dimension so long as he could put them under his feet!

At this moment, a grand idea was rising in Noah\'s mind as he didn\'t know at this moment in time of the existence that was Katelyn having already done something similar with an even more unique authority.

Katelyn had multiple Mirror Beast LEGENDS hidden under her wings as no beings knew of this- even Noah.

Yet at this moment, the Unnamed Kainos Emperor began to think how glorious it would be if he- an existence at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy...suddenly pulled out Dimensional Dream LEGENDS to fight for his behalf when he looked at the feature of !

You, you, and you…go.


Noah pointed to three True Sanguine Clones as they disappeared into the cracks of the Dream Dimension that were healing, joining the other True Sanguine Clone in this Dimension as their goal…was to seek viable creatures Noah could subjugate or even defeat in the Dream Dimension.

He could even start by investigating the results of the battle between Ancestral Beowulf and the Emperor of the Golden Eye against the Nightmare and Dream LEGENDS…even though this carried a level of danger and he would have to be careful!

But at this moment, there were only a few things remaining for him to do as his body of Alexander headed towards the Unexplored Grotto Sanctum.

Lavalliere\'s voice echoed out in his mind as Noah smiled brightly.

The Third Infinite Dream.

He had released a hundred portions of his Soul for the first Infinite Dream as he released a thousand for the second one.

There were two particular Edicts that benefited from his Conquest and Apocalypse of Realities as they assimilated into his Infinite Reality, and then there was the elevation of the Infinite Reality itself as it would match its requirements after this Infinite Dream!

The possible Seeds of TABOO that could rise from this were abundant.

The Atlatl of Reality should be equivalent to a TABOO Relic at that time, yes

Noah\'s smile only widened as he waved his hands to call a radiant stellar spear of Reality, thinking of the many possibilities after achieving complete refinement of his three Aspects of Existence as he now gazed for the future.

He expected many of the things he looked forward to occur as he entered or while inside the Unexplored Grotto Sanctum, so his main body would remain in the Cosmic Holy Land as the scene of his astounding stellar visage adorned in a shimmering multicolored crown that was being paid homage to with the sandy gold Ecritures of while 50 Infinite Reality Passages gushed down essence from above….

this scene was something that should be recorded in the annals of history as it showed the time that the Unnamed Kainos Emperor first began establishing his pristine Foundation!

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