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Wood attribute territory.

The temporarily gambling duel arena was dazzling under the illumination of the light pillar, and it was eye-catching in the darkness.

The members of the Pan-ocean Community team had arrived under the leadership of their captain, He Yang.

Not long after, Liu Yans squad arrived.

When the Pan-ocean Community team saw that the opponent only had five people, their expressions instantly darkened.

When they thought about how they had failed to surround the opponent with so many people just now and had instead lost more than thirty members, they felt ashamed.

A team of nearly a hundred people had suffered such a great loss at the hands of the opposing five-person squad.

The Pan-ocean Community team would be ashamed to live if the other teams knew about it.

However, when they thought about the upcoming gambling duel, which they were almost certain to win, they felt much better.

He Yang walked forward and asked directly, “I am the captain of the Pan-ocean Community team.

Who is your captain Lets have a conversation and agree on the bet for the gambling duel.”

There were five teams from the five continents, and the four captains knew each other.

The Land of Origin was in a remote location and did not have many interactions with the other four continents.

The news was also relatively obscure.

In addition, Liu Yan was a newly grown-up and not a well-known genius, so no one knew him.

When Liu Yan heard this, he walked out and said, “I am the captain of the Land of Origin team, Liu Yan.

Captain He, just tell me the bet.”

He Yang observed Liu Yan from head to toe.

His handsome face and almost perfect body proportions made him look extraordinary.

He Yang frowned slightly.

He Yang had heard about Xu Han and Alan Smith before and knew they were extremely powerful geniuses.

Then, Yan suddenly appeared and even beat the two geniuses, Alan Smith and Xu Han, to become the captain of the Land of Origin team.

However, He Yang did not care much.

The gambling duel would start soon.

It was one-on-one.

They had a guardian beast on their side, but the opponent did not.

The Land of Origin team could only send one of the members.

He Yang did not believe these geniuses could still win against the powerful guardian beast, Sturdy Back Ape.

They were not on the same level at all.

He Yang said, “Alright, then Ill say it directly.

Lets have a one-on-one gambling duel.

One match to determine the winner and the loser.

It saves us trouble.

As for the stakes, I want to gamble a bit more.

I want to bet all the equipment, fragments, territories, and all team members.

Members of the losing team will all become prisoners of war of the winning team.

They must listen to orders until the trial on the fifth level of the Tower ends.

What do you think”

The members of the Pan-ocean Community team were all extremely excited when they heard this.

This bet made them extremely satisfied.

If they could win, they would gain a lot.

It was especially true for the prisoners of war.

The Pan-ocean Community Team had personally experienced the combat strength of the geniuses from the Land of Origin team.

If the Pan-ocean Community team had such strong prisoners of war, they would have the upper hand in the subsequent matches on the fifth level of the Tower.

They might even have a chance to win first place and receive rich rewards.

As for losing The Pan-ocean Community team had never thought about it at all.

Behind them was the powerful guardian beast of the wood attribute territory, Sturdy Back Ape.

No matter how strong the other party was, they could not defeat Sturdy Back Ape one-on-one.

They would definitely win.

When Liu Yans team heard this, they were a little surprised.

It was a high stake.

Not only did the Pan-ocean Community team bet all their spoils of war, but they also even bet all of their assets, including themselves.

“Good heavens, isnt this a little ridiculous” Xu Han laughed.

Hearing this, Chu Long wanted to reject the bet immediately.

“No, this is too risky.

Brother Liu Yan, we cant agree, right”

Murong Xues face was full of excitement.

“I think its quite exciting, very interesting.”

They had their own opinions, but they all looked at Liu Yan, waiting for his decision.

After all, Liu Yan was going to fight in the duel, so he knew best how to choose.

In addition, Liu Yan was also the team captain, so the choice was in Liu Yans hands.

The members of the Pan-ocean Community team saw that Liu Yan was hesitating.

So, they were angry and started to ridicule him.

“What You guys were so mighty during the fight.

Why are you hesitating now”

“Dont tell me youre scared, Hahaha.”

“Whats there to be afraid of Youre going to be eliminated even if you dont take the bet, why not take the risk”

“Thats right.

When our ally, the Red Star Empires reinforcements arrive, you guys will definitely be eliminated.”

“At least youll be eliminated in an honorable way!”

Xu Han still looked carefree but was extremely intelligent.

He could see the reason behind Liu Yans hesitation.

He pointed out, “You are the captain.

We respect your choice.

You can choose for yourself.

You dont have to worry about us.

We believe in you.”

“Theres nothing to be afraid of.

Hurry up and agree on the bet.

Liu Yan, we believe in you.” Murong Xue also followed.

Although Chu Long was worried, she trusted Liu Yan more.

Chu Long also followed, “I believe that Sister Luo Qingcheng and the team members also support you.

Brother Liu Yan, dont worry about your choice.”

After listening to his teammates, Liu Yans last bit of concern was dispelled.

Liu Yan also thought about it carefully.

The stakes were high, but it was a two-way bet.

It was also an opportunity for them.

And if they refused, the situation of the Land of Origin team would be grave, and they would be eliminated.

Rather than waiting for their doom, they should fight back and take this last chance!

Thinking of this, Liu Yan looked at He Yang opposite him and agreed, “Alright, well do as you say.

We bet all of our assets and ourselves!”

When He Yang and his team members heard this, they were instantly overjoyed.

At the same time, the voice of the Will of the Tower sounded.

“The method of the duel and the stakes have been determined.

Once it is determined that there is no room for repentance, the next stage will be a duel.

A one-on-one battle without rules will be held until the victor is determined.

No one else is allowed to step onto the stage and interfere in any way.

Otherwise, severe punishment will be meted out!”

As the voice of the Will of Tower fell, the tall stage in front of them rose.

It was a huge battle stage.

Both sides sent out their respective contestants to engage in a duel.

He Yang had a smug look on his face.

He looked at the guardian beast of the wood attribute territory behind him, Sturdy Back Ape, and said, “Sturdy Back Ape, Ill have to trouble you this time.

You must win this duel.

Its too crucial for us.”

The team members stepped aside, and Sturdy Back Ape walked out.

It was a high-grade SS-grade fierce beast, and its aura was full of vigor.

Sturdy Back Ape had a proud look on its face as it looked at Liu Yan and the others with disdain as if it looked down on them.

After Sturdy Back Ape walked onto the stage, He Yang looked at Liu Yan with some pride and said, “Captain Liu Yan, send out your champion of the duel!”


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