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But now, as he swaggered down the street with a large group of people, the patrolling soldiers around him seemed to ignore him.

If there was any difference between right now and before, it might be the token in his hand.

This identity token from Divine Blacksmith De Lu seemed to have many other uses other than controlling the spiritual plant guards…

It made sense.

Divine Blacksmith De Lu was on good terms with the Heavenly Tree King.

With his status in the City of Emperors, his identity token might have some unexpected privileges!

Thinking of this, Chu Fengs eyes lit up.

He wondered if it was possible for him to use these privileges to do something.

Of course, on the surface, he still said perfunctorily to Archie, “Im not sure either.

Just now, a voice seemed to have told us not to run around.

It seemed to have asked us to hurry up and do something”

The rest of his words were purely made up by Chu Feng.

Anyway, these people could not know what the main control system had said to everyone.

There was no way to verify it.

On the other hand, Archie nodded in realization.

“Thats right.

The main control system probably wants you to hurry to the logistics department and register for the army.

You must have taken a detour!”

“Register for the army”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

Archie was not on guard.

After all, everyone knew the news.

He said, “Thats right.

Previously, everyone discovered this city at the bottom of the lake, but just as they entered, they were warned by the main control system.

“It said that if we dont retreat, we should join the Great Emperors City and become soldiers there.

Only then will we be allowed to enter the Great Emperors City.

Otherwise, we will be killed without mercy.”

“Furthermore, it said that there are many benefits to becoming a soldier.

Most importantly, if you can obtain military merits, you can exchange for all kinds of rare treasures at the logistics department.”

“We saw the treasures just now.

As expected of the former palace of the Great Emperor, there are too many good things here! All kinds of Spiritual Abodes, divine artifacts, technological creations… Everything! As long as you have military merits, you can exchange for them at will!”

“Its simply a blessing for itinerant cultivators like us!”

After all, Archie was of low birth and was unwilling to join a large force.

He was restrained by others.

Now was an excellent opportunity for him.

Chu Feng came to a realization.

The Great Emperors City must have begun to make preparations for the Netherworld Spirit Army that would arrive soon.

Joining the Great Emperors City… was quite interesting.

In any case, to Chu Feng, after obtaining the benefits from the Divine Blacksmith, he would definitely fight for the City of the Great Emperor.

Otherwise, he would not be able to obtain spirituality at all!

It seemed like it was not a bad idea to join the Great Emperors City and obtain military merits.

At the thought of this, he could not help but ask, “Then Brother Archie, where is that logistics department Were already losing our way.

Im really afraid that the main control system will judge us as intruders and kill us.”

Archie nodded in agreement.

He told Chu Feng the route to the logistics department.

At the same time, he grumbled, “This main control system is indeed cold-blooded and heartless, and the military rules are really strict! Weve just joined and weve already been ordered to patrol.


“Of course, its also because our ranks are too low.

We can only do such chores.”

“There are ranks”

Chu Feng was puzzled.

Archie nodded.

“Of course, our strength and talent are different.

If we join the Great Emperors City, there should be a difference, right”

“According to the City of the Great Emperor, we are roughly divided into third-rank sergeants, second-rank sergeants, and first-rank sergeants.

As for those top-notch experts or peerless geniuses, only they can become sergeant majors…”

“An itinerant cultivator like me only managed to become a second-rank sergeant in the end.


Hearing those words, Chu Feng became interested.

One had to know that although Archie was only a itinerant cultivator, his strength was quite powerful.

Ordinary Eighth-Turn Heaven Martial Realm experts were not his match at all.

However, such a warrior was still a second-rank sergeant.

Then this so-called sergeant major was too valuable.

He could not help but ask, “Has anyone been appointed as a sergeant major now”

“Of course there is!”

Archie said directly.

His eyes were filled with envy.

“Huangpu Ming from the Human Imperial Palace! Yao Linger from the Fiend Celestial Palace! These two young people are really monstrous! They actually cleared four assessment stages in the City of the Great Emperor and were directly awarded the position of sergeant major! Its extremely easy!”

“Other than these two, I heard that Demon Monk Qiu Qianseng also cleared four levels and became a sergeant major.”

“These are the only three who have become sergeant majors.”

“Even the quasi-god expert of the vampire race, Dracula Louis, was slightly inferior.

In the end, he only obtained a first-rank sergeant position.”

“You have to know that the military positions in the Great Emperors City are very valuable! To put it bluntly, the higher the position, the more treasures can be exchanged! Moreover, some top-grade treasures are not qualified for low-rank sergeants like us to exchange for at all.


Archie couldnt help but sigh.

It was as if he was angry at himself for being disappointing.

He was only a second-rank sergeant, but his upper limit had been sealed.

Hearing those words, Chu Fengs interest in the enlistment assessment grew.

Even a quasi-god might not be able to become a sergeant major.

It seemed very interesting…

Then, after obtaining the route to the Logistics Department from Archie, Chu Feng planned to join in the fun.

After saying goodbye to Archie, who had to keep patrolling, Chu Feng and the others set off.

On the way, Yu raised his head arrogantly.

“Tsk tsk, with my strength, I should at least be a sergeant major!”

Chu Feng glanced at Yu angrily.

“The quasi-god is only a first-rank sergeant.

Where did you get your confidence from”

It was not that Chu Feng looked down on Yu… Alright, he just looked down on him.

After this guy broke through to the Ninth-Turn, he became a little arrogant!

He could at most fight against the most ordinary quasi-gods, but he made it seem like he was invincible in the world.

Yu did not care about Chu Fengs words and asked, “What about you What position do you think you can get”

Chu Feng grinned.

“Of course I have to be at least a sergeant major.

At that time, all of you will be soldiers under me!”


Yu looked disdainful.

Chu Feng also sneered.

“Youre unconvinced Why dont we compete”

“Lets compete.

Whos afraid of who!”

Yu agreed immediately.

Just as the two of them were bickering, they had arrived at the logistics department.

It was an extremely large mansion that even included a martial arts arena.

However, the arena seemed to be filled with warriors waiting to register for enlistment.

Chu Feng took a glance.

Good lord, he had many acquaintances!

Even Dongfang Hu had come here after slipping away.

He was preparing for the enlistment assessment.

Chu Feng was immediately interested.

How far could this guy go


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