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Jing Tian and Gao Da were stunned.

Jing Tian carefully held my hand and looked at the wound on my wrist.

“Go and find Mr.


Gao Da asked his men to carefully put the small snake into the bag, and he followed us with Tong Yan in his arms.

When we passed the main house, the members of the Jing family walked out of the house noisily.

I quickly wrapped my arms around Jing Tians neck and said in a low voice, “Quickly hug me!”

Jing Tian instinctively hugged me.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against Jing Tians chest, my left hand hanging outside.

It was a pity that there were only two distinct teeth marks on my wrist.

They werent red, swollen, or black.

However, I didnt have time to fake it.

Someone had already surrounded me.

“Whats wrong” Jing Yans loud voice was so noisy.

I really wanted to throw her out.

However, such an occasion required someone like her.

“Oh! Shes poisoned! Nanxing is poisoned!” Why did Jing Yans voice sound so excited, elated, and gloating

I endured it!

Ill remember this matter.

Jing Yan, lets wait and see! I gritted my teeth secretly.

Everyone in the Jing family, regardless of whether I had offended them or not, surrounded me and cried out in surprise.

I didnt even need to open my eyes to feel their joy!

This wasnt a cry of surprise but a cheer!

Jing Tians face should have turned black by now.

He didnt say a word.

He carried me in his arms and strode toward Mr.

Lis residence.

I opened my eyes a little bit and looked over.

That group of people was whispering to each other.

They would be going around telling people that I was dead soon.

That was good!

I might as well pretend to be dead and let everyone be happy.

Gao Da arrived before us.

After all, Tong Yan was really poisoned, and I was just pretending.

Jing Tian placed me on the chair.

“Alright, were here.”

I opened my eyes and looked toward the door.

“Everyone will probably rush over to watch the show later.” Jing Tian was a little annoyed.

I hurriedly went to see Tong Yan.

“Master, can you give Tong Yan my blood I was bitten too.

But Im fine!” I stretched out my hand to show Mr.



Li examined Tong Yans wound and checked her pulse.

In a low voice, he said, “I cant blindly use your blood now.

She might be poisoned by you too.”

I was at a loss for words.

“Then, then what should we do”

My blood isnt stable.


Li took a small bottle from the small cabinet.

He took a pill and placed it in Tong Yans mouth.

“The problem isnt too big.

The snake is poisonous, but Tong Yan has been used to test medicine since she was young.

Shell be fine.”

He fed Tong Yan some water and checked her pulse.

“Its alright.

Shell wake up in a while.

Well carefully examine her pulse and apply for the medicine.”

“Bring that snake over to me to take a look!” Mr.

Li instructed Gao Da.

Gao Da carefully handed over the bag that contained the snake.

“Is it dead” Mr.

Li gently pinched the small snakes neck and shook it.

The small snakes red body swayed weakly.

“It became like this after biting me.” I looked at the small snake curiously.

It was quite pretty.

It probably didnt expect to encounter something even more poisonous than itself.


Li shook it again.

“Its really unlucky.

Its probably his first time out on a mission, and he met this unlucky child, Nanxing!”

I didnt mind this new name.

“Master, can this little snake live Can you feed it some of my blood” I thought this little snake was quite cute.


Li said disdainfully, “Its just a snake.

Do you still want to waste your blood Can you stop being so kind-hearted Dont underestimate this snake.

If it really bit Old Madam Jing, we would really have a tragedy on our hands.”

Jing Tian and I couldnt help but change our expressions.

“Gao Da, help me find out who brought the snake in.

I must find this person!” Jing Tian ordered in a low voice.

“Yes! Ill bring someone to investigate immediately.” When Gao Da turned around, he didnt forget to take a glance at the unconscious Tong Yan.

I picked up the small snake and looked at it carefully.

“Who is so vicious You raise worms for research purposes.

The owner of this snake is obviously counting on it to harm others!”


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