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“Karos, is what he said true”

Empress Yekanas gaze was fixed on her son the entire time.

The succubus standing beside him was already trembling because of the empresspowerful aura.

Prince Karos knew that he had been forced into a dead end.

Behind him was a precipice that was hundreds of thousands of feet long.

In the face of such a situation, every man in the country of steel would choose to pull out their longsword and fight to the death.

Queen Yekanas next words stunned Prince Kaos, but he quickly bowed solemnly to his mother.

Prince Kaos did not hesitate too much.

He quickly walked to the competition area.

“His Highness the Prince is here.

You can go and rest!”

Kiel had been looking forward to this moment for several hours.

He immediately whispered to the attendant who was in charge of the middle with the all-rounder.

The attendant did not seem to understand what was going on… He watched Prince Kaos come to the nominal leader, which was the side of General Fred.

“Kaos…”General Fred saw that Prince Kaos did not show any joy when he went on stage.

Instead, he let out a long sigh.

He did not know whether he was sighing because he was unable to do what he wanted, or he was regretting Prince Kaosbehavior that was close to sacrificing himself.

“At times like this, you should say,general, I want to fight the Holy Spirit.”

Jose came to the side of Prince Kaos and general Fred as a referee.

“Since Prince Kaos is a substitute member of the Steel Nation Battle team, he has the right to go on stage.

May I ask if your team wants to replace members”

Jose announced the slightly crude rules to the crowd.

This question was agreed by General Fred and Prince Kaos.

“Go and rest,”general Fred said to the attendant in charge of the middle.

Under this order, the attendant left the arena.

Prince Kaos sat in his seat as a player in the middle.

“Your Highness, youre finally willing to go on stage.

I can finally be saved!”Kiel whispered to Prince Kaos.

Kaos really wanted to question his friend.

In fact, Prince Kaos had no chance of winning.

As a bystander, he could see that the frost kingdom had invested a lot of money to nurture or recruit Holy Spirit players.

Even if Kaos went up on his own, he felt that he would at most be able to play the game better and then lose.

This thought surfaced in Prince Kaoss mind.

He opened his own mana net interface, held the primary crystal mouse with his hand, and took a deep breath.

For the sake of the outcome of a mana net game, he had sacrificed a year or even more of his youth to return to thatfurnace

At this moment, he only had one regret, but Sofias voice rang in Prince Kaoss ears once again.

“This time, I will defeat you inHoly Spirit.”

After Prince Kaos heard Sofias words, no matter how much he restrained his emotions, his heart was still engulfed by an unknown anger.

“Im sorry, the person who wins this round is me.”

Prince Kaos replied in a cold voice, and the match was officially about to begin.

“General, can you hand over the command of this battle to me”Prince Kaos asked.

“Go Ahead and fight, Your Highness.”

The third battle between the steel country and the frost country was about to begin.

Prince Kaos directly chose the master of Heroic Craftsman, Bazuli, whom he was best at, without hesitation.

At this moment, Jose did not continue to watch.

He took the initiative to pick up an incompetent commentator.

Since there were only fifteen heroes in the Holy Spirit Test, there was naturally no BAN selection system during the competition.

The beginning of the competition also eased the atmosphere in the Hearthstone Tavern.

“KaosMaster of Craftsman and Sofinas thriller met in the river…”

In this battle, Joshua could tell that the steel nation was in a state of rage.

Under Kaoscommand, they immediately surrounded the enemys wild zone.

The other party clearly did not expect the steel nation to be so reckless.

A small team battle immediately began in the wild zone, but in the end, the steel nation was in a disadvantageous position.

“The master craftsman and the thriller both have less than one-tenth of their HP left.

The country of steel has chosen to retreat!”

Empress Yekana stared intently at the battle on the screen.

Even as anoutsider, she could tell that this was a thrilling battle.

The thriller had already escaped the encirclement of the country of steel, the heroes of the country of steel could only choose to retreat.

Empress Yekana looked at the thriller who was only left withblood, and this thought emerged in her heart.

At this moment, her gaze turned to Enoch, who was not far away.

Just as she was about to ask the tavern attendant about the relationship between him and Kaos, Joshuas voice made her instantly turn her gaze to the screen again.

“Its not over yet.

Master Craftsman has activated the Cannon Mode!”

The screen displayed the scene three minutes later than what the contestant saw, so Joshuas commentary would not reveal the battle situation.

On the screen, the mechanical arm of the master craftsmans left hand suddenly turned into a huge turret.

A red line appeared on the ground, aiming at the trembling man who was far away in the forest.

The trembling man seemed to have sensed something.

He suddenly jumped into the air, wanting to use this movement to seize the attack, but the master craftsman was aiming at the place where he landed!

‘Kaos killed the Thunder Crystal!

‘the first drop of blood.

These two lines of words suddenly appeared on the screen.

At this moment, Empress Yekana heard applause coming from beside her.

She turned her head in surprise.

She did not know when the Dwarves and spell casters in the Hearthstone Tavern had turned their gazes to this place.

The reason why Empress Yekana was surprised was that she did not notice the gazes of those people… she was too concerned about the battle situation of this match.

The master craftsmans operation this time was simply wonderful, and it felt like he was toying with the enemy.

Although most of the guests in the Hearthstone Tavern knew nothing about the rules of the game, Joshua was absolutely confident in the battle performance of this game.

After all, Joshua had spent a lot of effort on character modeling and skill effects.

When the huge cannon made of gears shot out a magic beam, it burned the surrounding trees into ashes and hit the shivering warrior who was far above the map.

This scene could be described as wonderful even to laymen.

Queen Yekana was not stingy with her applause at this moment.

After the first drop of blood was obtained by the steel nation, the battle continued.

At this moment, Queen Yekana looked at Enoch.

“Beauty is a weapon to a woman.

You need to understand this.”

Queen Yekana was holding a cup of steaming black tea.

The black tea was provided by Joshua out of friendship.

Beside her was the uneasy Enoch.

This scene made Joshua feel that this queen was not sitting in the Hearthstone Tavern.

Instead, she was inviting someone to have afternoon tea in a back garden.

“You look pretty good inbeauty and the devil.Why did you stay in the tavern as a servant”Queen Yekana asked again.

“Because… I have to go to school.”

Enoch answered in a submissive voice.

Joshua could tell that the queen was in a good mood now.

The good reason was that the team of the country of steel had directly won two rounds after Prince Kaos joined them.

At this moment, the scales of victory seemed to tilt to the side of the country of steel.

Now, Prince Kaos was preparing for the final battle strategy.

The two consecutive victories allowed Queen Yekana to pull Enoch to talk about… her future life plans.

Jose eavesdropped on the conversation between the Queen and Enoch for a long time.

It could only be described in this way.

The first impression that the Empress gave Joshua was very similar to Mrs.

Cesar, but after feeling heraura releaseseveral times in a row, as well as the fearful look on Prince Kaosface.

Joshua understood that she was completely different from Mrs.



Cesar was a typical noblewoman.

When she interacted with others, one could feel her elegant and gentle side.

Although they were very strict with their children, Mrs.

Caesar was a mother, and the queen was more inclined to… the strict and viciousdean of Education.

The problem was that the ordinary dean of education would at most give a bit of corporal punishment after a student made a mistake.

The Queens punishment might be on the level ofharming the whole family.

But any old woman had a hobby, and that was to talk about family matters.

“I still have work to do.”

Enoch mustered up his courage to ask.

He seemed to have had enough of thisdean of Education”s lecture.

The instant this succubus said these words, Enoch noticed that the Teacup in Empress Yekanas hand had cracks.

At this moment, Eno was so scared that he almost cried.

However, when Eno noticed Empress Yekanas gaze, he realized that it was not because his words had angered the empress, but because of the battle on the screen behind him.

The battle between the country of steel and the country of Frost had ushered in the final stage.

In the third battle, the country of steel still had the advantage.

That was why Empress Yekana could happily drink black tea and wait for the battle to end before ridiculing that old fox.

However, in the later round of group battles, the country of Frost seized the advantage again.

The country of frost wiped out all the heroes of the country of steel at the price of only two people.

The battle situation reversed at this moment.

The heroes of the country of frost directly came to the enemys highlands and pointed their swords at the energy center of the country of steel.

In this moment of despair, Prince Kaos decisively ordered everyone to spend all their money tobuy a life, which was to use money to exchange for a second chance for the heroes to fight.

The moment the enemy began to wantonly destroy the highland buildings, master craftsman Bazuli and sword-folding Geimer were resurrected under the shining light.

They directly rushed out of the spring and started to fight with the three heroes of the enemy.

“This may be the last game of the country of steel.

Sword-folding Geimer instantly killed the enemys deep-sea Banshee with the critical strike effect of dismemberment!”Joshua also dutifully explained.

Enoch spoke to Empress Yekana at this time.

He wanted to remind her that the cracks on the teacup caused the black tea to leak out.

However, Empress Yekanas gaze was fixed on the screen.

She did not notice the black tea on her dress at all.

“Your black tea…”Enoch reminded her again in a low voice.

However, Queen Yekana did not even look at Enoch.

Enoch whimpered and shut his mouth under this dignified shout.

Only the master craftsman and Geymael were left in the team of the steel nation.

After they killed all the invading heroes, these two heroes charged straight into the enemys hinterland with the last hope of the team.

However, the enemy was also ready tobuy jobs.

At the same time that master craftsman and Grimm destroyed the enemys highland buildings, the enemys three heroes also rose from the dead and rushed out of the spring.

At this moment, master craftsman was already destroying the enemys energy center!

“My skills damage to the buildings is higher than your normal attack.

Kiel, you go and stall them!”

Kaoswords could be heard throughout the entire tavern.

He had used a roar to say those words.

Thus, on the screen, Grimmael, who was prepared to sacrifice himself, charged straight at the three enemies.

However, this hero was not the type that could take a beating, even if he unleashed all of his skills, he could only stall the three enemies for less than three seconds.

During this time, the master craftsman set up his own cannon and began to bombard the enemys energy center.

The Energy Centers HP rapidly decreased, but the enemys heroes had already arrived.

The trembling man descended from the sky, and the ground instantly cracked open.

The Master Craftsmans head appeared to be dizzy, but the trembling man and the other two heroes also had signs of dizziness on their heads.

They had triggered the land mines that the master craftsman had planted!

When both sides woke up again, Prince Kaos was still pouring out his anger at the energy crystal.

He seemed to see a great fire burning around him.

The hero under his command fell to the ground covered in blood under the enemys attack.

At the last moment of his life.., the master craftsman raised his steel-forged arm and pressed the self-destruct button.

The light of the final explosion appeared on the screen.

Prince Kaos stared intently at the enemys energy crystal.

In the end, he only had 270 hp left.

Holy Protection… the enemys bishop, Kathryn, used his ultimate skill at the last moment to block this attack that was close to destruction.

Prince Kathryns hands trembled.

He knew that the defeat was set.

At this moment, his defeat was far more unreconciled than his crushing defeat at the trial of the sage.

He tried his best to control the anger and various negative emotions in his mind.

He resisted the urge to smash the table in front of him into pieces.

Finally, he covered his face with his hands and leaned against the bench behind him.

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