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Chapter 2247 – Burning Fury!

At this moment, it was like Yang Ye was outside of this universe.

Suddenly, Tian Xiu walked over to him and tapped his chest again.


Yang Ye was fine, but her finger strangely turned quite ethereal.

Tian Xiu withdrew her finger and nodded slightly, “Its quite interesting indeed.”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and the surroundings returned to normal.

However, Yang Ye crashed to the ground.

He was over-exhausted!

His entire body had been over-exhausted from shrinking his Sword Domain.

His limits!

His true limits!

In Yang Yes body, the Primordial Pagoda started working on its own, and it wanted to heal Yang Ye.

But Tian Xiu suddenly tapped her finger at Yang Ye from afar, and the Primordial Pagoda was frozen on the spot.

Tian Xiu spoke indifferently, “This extreme exhaustion is beneficial to him.

Let him experience it for some time.”

The Primordial Pagoda knew that Tian Xiu had no ill intent, so it shook slightly and didnt release any Primordial Violet Energy.

Tian Xiu lowered her hand and gazed at An Nanjing, the latter gazed at her too.

Tian Xiu spoke softly, “Lets talk about you!”

An Nanjing, “Please provide me with guidance!”

“Come with me!” Tian Xiu turned around and walked away once she finished speaking.

An Nanjing hesitated for a moment and followed her.

Meanwhile, Snowy pointed at Yang Ye who was still lying on the ground.

Tian Xiu grinned, “Hell be fine!”

Snowy was still quite worried.

Tian Xiu smiled, “Fine, well do as you want.”

She waved her hand lightly, and a strand of energy instantly enveloped Yang Ye.

After that, the energy carried Yang Ye to follow behind them.

Tian Xiu led An Nanjing and Snowy to a damaged hall.

It was surrounded by ruins and weeds.

Some weeds were even over 3m tall, and it was a scene of absolute desolation.

Tian Xiu gazed silently at the hall for a long time.

As if she noticed what Tian Xiu was feeling, Snowy rubbed Tian Xius shoulder gently.

Tian Xiu restrained her thoughts, grinned, and waved her right hand lightly.

In an instant, the weeds around the hall vanished without a trace.

Tian Xiu walked into the hall with Snowy in her arms, and An Nanjing followed them.

In the hall.

On the wall right at the end of the hall was a painting of a woman, and she wore a green dress.

There was a strange weapon in her grasp.

Netherworld Destiny!

She was the Void Spirit Maiden!

Tian Xiu spoke softly, “Your natural talent is extraordinary and absolutely rare, but youre unable to focus.”

An Nanjing was puzzled, “What”

Tian Xiu looked An Nanjing in the eyes, “In your heart, Yang Ye is most important, or is the Martial Dao most important”

An Nanjing didnt answer her directly.

She gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Am I or the Sword Dao more important to him”

Snowy pointed at An Nanjing with a firm expression in her eyes.

Besides Zier, Snowy knew Yang Ye best!

An Nanjing grinned slightly, “If he doesnt let me down, how can I”

Tian Xiu said, “Youre at the peak of the Sage Realm, and youre at the limits of your Martial Dao.

However, your heart is bound by emotion.

If you forget him, youll truly attain the Progenitor Realm, and your strength and Martial Dao will undergo a tremendous change!”

An Nanjing shook her head, “Then I wouldnt be me.”

Tian Xiu suddenly started smiling.

Tian Xiu grinned, “In my entire life, very few are able to make me think highly of them.

Even if its the most dazzling geniuses of my void spirit race, they are inferior to you and Yang Ye.

Do you know why”

An Nanjing gazed at her.

Tian Xiu pointed at her own chest, “Your heart.

Cultivation is actually cultivation of the heart.

The greater the heart, the stronger the conviction, and the stronger a person would be.

Many people are able to stay true to their hearts in the beginning, but they gradually get lost.

Its like a man who was able to get along with and love his wife when he was poor, but once he rises up in the world to gain power and wealth, what he couldnt get before would be within reach now.

So, his desires and heart will change.”

She shook her head slightly at this point, “Once the heart changes, the man will seek women who are even more beautiful, and it may even go to the extent of seeking even more beautiful women.”

An Nanjing spoke solemnly, “Thats human nature.”

Tian Xiu smiled, “Youre right.

Greed and selfishness is human nature.

But both of you have still been able to stay true to your hearts until now, and strength does not blind you.

Its something I really admire.

Im not just being talkative here, all of this is more important than directly increasing your strength.

An increase in strength is only temporary, but an increase in the mental state is for a lifetime.”

An Nanjing hesitated for a moment and said, “Are you preparing for your own death”

The feeling An Nanjing had toward this was growing stronger and stronger.

Tian Xiu grinned, “Thats quite direct of you.

Actually, it isnt wrong.

I really dont have much time left, or I should say that we all dont have much time left.

There are two things in this world that I care about.

One is revenge, and the other…”

She glanced at Yang Ye and Snowy, “The other is all of you.

A sincere heart.

He likes what he likes, cares for what he cares about, and would rather fight the world for his loved ones.

I like a young man like that.

Pure and kind, selfless and good, and sincere.

I like a Sprite like that too.

So, I hope both of you will live well!”

Obviously, she was talking about Yang Ye and Snowy.

Snowy grinned, and then she rubbed her head against Tian Xius head.

Tian Xiu grinned.

She walked over to the painting at the end of the hall, and she gazed at it for a long time before she shook her head slightly and waved her right hand.


The wall split apart to reveal a passageway.

Tian Xiu waved her right hand.


A red ray of light shot out from deep within the passageway.

It was like an erupting volcano, and a powerful aura pushed An Nanjing backward incessantly.

Shock filled An Nanjings eyes!


Meanwhile, Tian Xiu grabbed the red ray of light, and it dispersed to reveal a spear.

It was just around 3m long, with a blade like autumn frost, an edge like the scorching sun, and a dragon and phoenix carved around it.

It was completely crimson red like flowing lava, and a crimson red pearl was inlaid in its handle.

Atop the pearl was a strand of black energy that coiled around it.

An Nanjing gazed at Tian Xiu, “Whats that”

Tian Xiu grinned, “Burning Fury.”

“Burning Fury” There was a strange glow in An Nanjings eyes.

Tian Xiu gazed at her while holding the spear, “There were five Sacred Artifacts and five Demonic Artifacts before my void spirit race.

They mostly fell into the hands of the initial race.

Lets ignore them for now.

After the initial race, my void spirit race used the resources of our entire race to forge two divine weapons.

The first is Netherworld Destiny, and the second is Burning Fury.

Do you know how this treasure was formed”

An Nanjing shook her head.

Tian Xiu gazed at the spear and spoke softly, “My void spirit race extracted the lava in countless planets, converged the treasures of our entire race, and tempered it with Ancient Lava Fire.

Let me explain it like this, if the Ancient Lava Fire was ranked amongst the flames throughout that era, it would be ranked at the top.

If its ranked in the entire history of the large universe, then perhaps its merely inferior to the Samadhi Flame within Yang Ye.”

She gazed at the spear and continued, “What we didnt expect was the Ancient Lava Fire to merge into one with this spear.

However, it allowed the spear to undergo a transformation too.

Its strength isnt any weaker to some of the five Demonic Artifacts.

Of course, it cant compare to the top 2 amongst the five Demonic Artifacts.”

She passed the spear to An Nanjing.

An Nanjing gazed at Tian Xiu and asked, “Is it for me”

Tian Xiu grinned, “Then am I supposed to give it to Yang Ye He doesnt use a spear!”

An Nanjing fell silent for a moment and then she took the spear in her hand.

However, as soon as she did that, her hand started to burn.

But An Nanjing just frowned slightly and didnt let go.

She just held onto it like that.

She held on while refusing to let go!

Tian Xiu nodded slightly when she witnessed this, and there was a wisp of approval in her eyes, “If you let go just now, then you would have no chance of getting it.”

Tian Xiu tapped Burning Fury lightly.

It shook violently, and then the flames around it were gradually extinguished.

Tian Xiu gazed at it and said, “She wont bring shame to you, so go with her, and stop playing those tricks.

Otherwise, Ill seal you in here forever.”

Her voice was slightly icy cold.

Obviously, Burning Fury had been given some “guidance” in the past.

Actually, An Nanjing didnt know how extraordinary it had been when it was just forged.

It was insufferably arrogant in the void spirit race, and it even dared to challenge Tian Xius authority.

So, it was taught a lesson.

And it was sealed throughout the years until now!

Throughout these countless years, Burning Fury had been absolutely furious, but it couldnt show its fury now.

It couldnt do that at all when facing Tian Xiu.

It was absolutely horrified of her!

No one knew how that lesson it received had gone!

Tian Xiu had almost obliterated its intelligence!

Meanwhile, Tian Xiu gazed at An Nanjing, “Its a little wild and unyielding.

However, I believe in you.

Use it well and it will become a strong source of support.


She suddenly gazed at Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes.

He stood up and was about to speak, but Tian Xiu suddenly looked up.

Her gaze shot through space and arrived at the door of light in the endless black holes.

A foot had stepped out of there.

Tian Xiu frowned slightly at the sight of this, and then a wisp of icy coldness flashed through her eyes, “Get back inside!”

As soon as she said that, a ray of dark light shot out from her forehead.

At this moment, the world fell deathly silent!

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